Science Bench Book for Judges, Second Edition

The National Judicial College and the Justice Speakers Institute, LLC have announced the release of the second edition of the comprehensive Science Bench Book for Judges. The new second edition includes 14 authors ranging from the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, an Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court, retired Associate Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Justices of the Courts of Appeals from New York and Arizona, trial judges and practitioners. The Assistant Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City and the President of the National Judicial College address “What is Science?” and introduce the bench book.

Please click here to download the Science Bench Book for Judges (2020).

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SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE: What is the judge’s role as a  gatekeeper?

As evidentiary gatekeepers, judges must be able to anticipate and prepare to rule on admission of new areas of scientific evidence. In addition, some previously admitted types of evidence have now been discredited by the scientific community.

However, judges do not need to become scientists in order to make appropriate evidentiary decisions about scientific evidence. Rather, they need to have a detailed understanding of their role in admitting scientific evidence. To achieve this, The National Judicial College  and the Justice Speakers Institute, LLC have created  a new online resource, Science Bench Book for Judges, to assist judges in making their rulings.

FJI is pleased to make the Science Bench Book for Judges (2019) available here.