2023 Edition now available!

Motor Vehicle Stops are often the beginning of a chain of events that lead to persons being arrested and charged with crimes ranging from impaired driving to unlawful possession of guns, drugs, and other contraband. In such cases, the driver or passengers may face severe, mandatory sentencing. These cases also frequently involve legal issues regarding the admissibility of statements made by the driver or a passenger, and, of course, searches of their persons and/or the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle stopped may be impounded.

This new 2023 edition of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops collects and presents the governing law in a comprehensive manner. It also includes an Appendix that will direct users to a comprehensive listing of cases that addresses the governing principles. Motor Vehicle Stops covers the stop through appeals providing the user the ability to examine and argue statutory and constitutional issues consistent with what is demanded by the U.S. Constitution, the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, the Massachusetts General Laws and the common law.

This book is being distributed by the Flaschner Judicial Institute to every trial judge in the Commonwealth who sits on criminal matters, to be used as a guidebook for answering questions about traffic stops. It was approved by an editorial committee consisting of prominent judges from the Appeals Court, the Superior Court and the District Court.

Author: James F. Comerford, Esq.

Editorial Committee: Hon. Sookyoung Shin, Appeals Court (Chair); Hon. William F. Sullivan, Superior Court; Hon. Cathleen E. Campbell, Superior Court; Hon. Shelby M. Smith, District Court

ISBN-13: 978-1-889916-18-7

Publisher: Flaschner Judicial Institute, 2023 Edition (2023)