The new Jury Trial Benchbook, Third Edition has been completely rewritten and updated for 2016. You’ll get detailed, authoritative answers on:

Attorney-conducted voir dire, Every facet of jury instructions, Juror notebooks, Jury questionnaires, Expert witness issues, What crosses the line in opening statements, Model voir dire questions for numerous specific issues and circumstances, How to resolve all sorts of common impanelment problems, Peremptory challenges, Juror colloquies, Model jury instructions, Judges’ tips for the most effective use of jurors and practical guidance on dozens of other topics.

Plus, everything is backed up with citations to relevant statutes, cases and court rules.

Author: Hon. Peter M. Lauriat, Massachusetts Superior Court, Hon. Douglas H. Wilkins, Massachusetts Superior Court and Wayne E. Hartwell, Esq., Social Law Library

ISBN-13: 978-1-889916-15-6

Publisher: Flaschner Judicial Institute, 3rd Edition (2016)

Softcover: 444 pages

Dimensions: 9 x 11.5 inches