About FJI Programs

The mission of the Franklin N. Flaschner Judicial Institute, Inc. is to meet the educational needs of both new and experienced judges with programs that reflect the priorities expressed by judges. Flaschner views judicial education in the broadest sense as encompassing not only substantive and procedural law, but also each judge's need to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition, the expanding horizons of knowledge in disciplines other than the law, the varied contexts in which the law is applied, and the constitutional and professional boundaries that judges must respect. Flaschner promotes excellence in judging for the benefit of the public and the administration of justice.

Toward this end and in consideration of judges’ diverse duties and responsibilities, the Flaschner Judicial Institute provides a balanced academic agenda with course offerings in the following key program areas:

• The Impact of Race and Implicit Bias in Society
• Cutting-Edge Issues in Science and Technology
• The Art of Judging
• Responding to Societal Changes
• Bench/Bar Programs

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