January 20 | Pursuing Excellence: Judicial Demeanor and Creating the Right Courtroom/Courthouse Environment (for the District Court and the Boston Municipal Court)
January 24 | FJI Author Series: The Great Divorce: A Nineteenth Century Mother’s Extraordinary Fight against Her Husband, the Shakers, and Her Times, Author Ilyon Woo


February 8 | FJI/SLL Bench/Bar Reading Discussion Series: Defiance of the Patriots: The Boston Tea Party and the Making of America, Author Benjamin L. Carp
February 16 | Practical Issues in Jury Selection
February 17 | Challenging Judicial Independence


March 10 | The Courts, the Closet, and the Press
March 11 | Advanced Issues in Domestic Violence Cases
March 25 | Judicial Synergy
March 28 | A Distinct Judicial Power: The Origins of an Independent Judiciary, 1606 – 1787 by Professor Scott Douglas Gerber


April 1 | New Theories of Tort Recovery
April 8 | Tour of Correctional Facilities: The Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center and Bridgewater State Hospital
April 13 | Assessment of Damages and Removal of Defaults (for Superior Court Judges)
April 14 | FJI/SLL Bench/Bar Reading Discussion Series: Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788, Author Pauline Maier
April 27 | Tour of Correctional Facilities: Massachusetts Treatment Center and Old Colony Correctional Center
April 28 | iPad Tricks and Tips for Judges


May 16 | Using Character Evidence in Massachusetts
May 17 | Justice and the Black Experience in America: A Discussion of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man


June 7 | Legal Research Tutorial: Use the Social Law Library’s Legal Research Databases from Anywhere
June 15 | Boston By Night Tour
June 29 | Tour of DYS Juvenile Facilities
June 30 | Appellate Judges Conference
June 30 | iPad Tricks and Tips for Judges


September 13 | Advanced Labor Law Seminar
September 22 | FJI Author Series: William P. Homans, Jr.: A Life in the Court, Author Mark Brodin
September 23 | Latest Developments in Alimony Reform


October 14 | Foreclosure Fiasco: Documentation Challenges and Policy Solutions
October 21 | Evidence: You be the Judge!
October 27 | iPad Tricks and Tips


November 3-4 | Hon. Haskell C. Freedman Two-Day Educational Retreat for Probate & Family Court Judges
November 16 | The Who’s, What’s, Why’s, and How’s of Judicial Internships
November 18 | Complex Issues in Trying Gun and Drug Cases in State and Federal Court
November 30 | Hon. Herbert P. Wilkins Appellate Year-in-Review, 2010-2011