January 8 | Bankruptcy for State Court Judges
January 13 | Avoiding Violence in the Courtroom
January 24 | MBA Bench/Bar Forum: Preventing Wrongful Convictions


February 6 | Evidence: You Be the Judge!
February 25 | Whither Blind Justice? Effects of Defendant Physiognomy on Judicial Decisions


March 25 | Judicial Conduct and Protocol


April 16 | Jury Management for Judges
April 22 | Introduction to Probabilistic and Statistical Communication, Mis-Communication, and Fundamental Reasoning
April 28 | Judicial Conduct and Protocol


May 13 | Lawyers, Lawsuits, and Legal Rights: The Battle over Litigation in American Society
May 21 | Tour of the Boston Crime Lab
May 24 | Tour of the Boston Crime Lab


June 1 | Author Series: Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming America, Author Adam Pertman
June 16-17 | Training for Administrative Judges & Administrative Law Judges at the Department of Industrial Accidents


September 23 | The Future of Sentencing: Federal and State Court Policy and Practice
September 29 | Author Series: Rough Justice to Due Process: The District Courts of Massachusetts, 1869-2004, Author Jerome S. Berg


October 6 | A Discussion of Attorney Client Privilege in the Business Context
October 7 | Recent Developments in Employment Litigation Law
October 12 | Racial Profiling
October 14 | Tort/Insurance Law Update
October 19 | How the New Business Corporation Statute is Changing Massachusetts Corporate Law
October 20 | Author Series: A Defense for the Dead, Author Michael Frederickson
October 26 | Dealing with Errant Attorneys
October 27 | Author Series: the blank slate: the Modern Denial of Human Nature, Author Steven Pinker
October 29 | Advanced Judicial Opinion Writing


November 9 | New Amendments to Rules of Criminal Procedure
November 17 | Author Series: Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, Author Stephen Puleo
November 18 | Real Estate Update
November 22 | Recent Developments in Massachusetts Commercial Law


December 3 | Reaching Out or Overreaching: Judicial Ethics and the Self-Represented Litigants
December 6 | Honorable Herbert P. Wilkins Annual Appellate Year-in-Review, 2003-2004 (Greater Boston)
December 13 | Honorable Herbert P. Wilkins Annual Appellate Year-in-Review, 2003-2004 (Western MA)