Robert J. Brink, Esq., Hon. Margot Botsford, Hon. Barbara A. Lenk

Honorary President
Hon. Ralph D. Gants
Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court

President and Dean
Hon. Barbara A. Lenk
Associate Justice, Supreme Judicial Court

Hon. Mary Thomas Sullivan
Associate Justice, Appeals Court

Treasurer and Clerk
Richard D. Dionne, Esq.
Dionne Law Group LLC, Boston

Executive Vice President
Assistant Clerk & Assistant Treasurer
Robert J. Brink, Esq.
Executive Director, Social Law Library

FJI Trustees
in alphabetical order

Hon. Kimberly S. Budd
Associate Justice, Supreme Judicial Court

Hon. Kathleen E. Coffey
First Justice, Boston Municipal Court, West Roxbury Division

Hon. Mark S. Coven
First Justice, Quincy District Court

Hon. Kenneth V. Desmond, Jr.
Associate Justice, Appeals Court

Hon. Dina E. Fein
First Justice, Western Division Housing Court

Hon. Linda S. Fidnick
First Justice, Hampshire Probate and Family Court

Hon. Peter M. Lauriat
Recall Justice, Superior Court

Emeritus Trustees
In alphabetical order

Hon. Margot Botsford (Ret.)
Hon. Judith A. Cowin (Ret.)
Hon. John C. Cratsley (Ret.)
Hon. John J. Curran, Jr. (Ret.)
Hon. Gordon L. Doerfer (Ret.)
Hon. Edward M. Ginsburg (Ret.)
Hon. John M. Greaney (Ret.)
Hon. Christine M. McEvoy (Ret.)
Hon. James F. McHugh, III (Ret.)

Hon. Stephen M. Limon
Associate Justice, Juvenile Court

Andrew J. McElaney, Jr., Esq.
Partner, Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

Hon. Paul L. McGill
Associate Justice, District Court

Hon. Gordon H. Piper
Associate Justice, Land Court

Ronnie Flaschner Werner
Daughter of Hon. Franklin N. Flaschner